Excursions in Romagna

Hotels for families near the Hinterland of Romagna ... an opportunity not to be missed!

You’ve always heard people talk about them and now they are so near that you can not let them pass by, these are only some of the marvellous destinations which you can easily visit on a day trip: Ravenna, San Marino, San Leo, Gradara, Urbino...


Splendid monuments testify to its important political and commercial role, a city of art where different civilizations have come and gone, leaving behind an extraordinary legacy of basilicas, baptisteries and mausoleums.


San Leo stands on the hills behind Rimini and is the capital of the Montefeltro region. It is well-known for its atmosphere made up of beauty, appeal and tranquillity. The old-town centre (one of the most beautiful in Italy) offers visitors peace, quiet and relaxation.




Soak up the medieval atmosphere, a fairy-tale place where legend and history go hand in hand to recount the tragic story of Paolo and Francesca. A unique romantic setting – the castle, the old streets and a magnificent landscape.


Ancient and famous Republic with a priceless cultural and historical heritage. San Marino offers a whole range of arts/crafts and souvenirs and a great shopping experience.




A special place for a visit and one of the Marche region’s most important urban centres. Urbino is surrounded by wonderful countryside and in its streets visitors find a mystic atmosphere. As you approach the town, this appears almost unexpectedly amid green hills, as in a fairy-tale book...