Bon appétit! A taste of Romagna

Traditional gastronomy and wine roads

Welcome to the home of good food and drink!
Romagna offers visitors lots of gastronomic specialities from the land, sea and hills, with a broad range of I.G.T products.
A holiday in Romagna also means discovering the region’s traditional dishes and wines.


Known throughout the world, piadina is very definitely the symbol of Romagna par excellence. Thick, thin, puffed... over the years, piadina has been made in many different ways. Anything goes, as long as it is homemade, eaten hot and in good company!


Fresh pasta is a world unto itself and one that includes many different aspects, where memories and traditions of the past combine with modern-day creativity. All it takes is a few ingredients, a wooden board and a rolling pin plus a pinch of passion and fantasy. Enjoy all the various types!




Sea port, fishing harbour: fishermen who teach us to look after the sea and take from it only permitted delicacies. Romagna is famous for its fish dishes, prepared the traditional way. A curiosity: Cesenatico mussels are organic certified by CCPB.


In the fields and hills around Cesenatico and Gatteo Mare, we are lucky enough to have people who still care for the land and its produce. For us it is crucial to offer guests locally-picked fresh and wholesome seasonal produce.




Albana di Romagna DOCG, Sangiovese di Romagna DOC, Trebbiano di Romagna DOC, Pagadebbit di Romagna DOC, Cagnina di Romagna DOC... These are some of the wines made from the precious varieties of a land between the sea and the Apennine mountains, where hilly expanses abound - Romagna!